On the results we are as Comb. Stabel & Zn and this consists of father and son Louis Eugene. But wife / mother Annet Oomen we can safely count under the combination because she do the necessary work during daytime when we are working. Therefore we play with a team of pigeons name Annet Oomen.

Louis started at age 18 in 1969 after a serious accident with pigeons. Before he went to the loft off his uncle to see the pigeons come home. From the beginning the results where good on the various disciplines. Fairly soon after its appearance there was already discussed by Louis because a pigeon who won the 20th Nat. St. Vincent and 20th Nat. from Dax in the very hot summer 1976. After being married to Annet was from the year 1979 he flew from the current address in Goirle. In the first years there was still much work overtime in the evenings which perform well with the pigeons was not possible. In the first years the early pigeons arrives in the nabour and that was the reason that in 1983 decided to no longer work in the evenings and invest this time in the pigeon and that makes the performances soon better.

The first major success was achieved in 1984 with the 16th National Bergerac 15069 p. with an pigeon from H Verhoeven Goirle. The same pigeon won in 1985 the 7th National St Vincent 19 344 p. and the 3rd National Dax 13308 pigeons and winner of a car. In 1986 a 1st NPO Orleans 6275 pigeons in 1988 the 1st nominated old pigeons championship in Midden-Brabant, in 1989 for the 1st time 1st over-champion in Goirle and in 1990 1st National champion youngsters.

Eugene came into the sport through his father, and given the long-standing interest was placed his own loft in the year 1989 and was flown with some youngsters. This quickly resulted in results and in 1990 was also flown withsome widowers.

In the years 1990-1992 the 1st general championship was won in Midden Brabant among youth and also in the Vredesduif-competition was in those years won the 1st championship.

In those years, and considering the good results were various members of the association in Goirle not accept that an independent youth member won championships among seniors. Thus passed a proposal within the association at the meeting in 1991 that no youth members could win anymore championships in the senior division. This was unfortunate because in 1992 Eugene could won the 3rd General nominated championship. However, these rather large disappointment was offset by winning the 1st National Orleans Rayon 1c 9569 d.

In the year 1993 we decided to join forces and go flying together. The pigeons did not further be distributed and in hindsight we will become even stronger.