Project Description

Information updated 16-01-2018

Superb racing hen and new base-pigeon from our loft

She was sensation as youngster with op NPO-races:
1st NPO Sezanne 14232 pigeons with TELETEXT
3rd NPO Orleans 13137 pigeons with TELETEXT

In her short career she won 21 prizes with a.o.:
1st ace-pigeons long distance youngsters
8th ace-pigeon autumn races old
14th ace-pigeon autumn races old in Combine HVB
1st Sezanne 438 pigeons
1st Sezanne 1316 pigeons HVB
1st Sezanne 3149 pigeons Brabant 2000/rayon 4
1st Sezanne 14232 pigeons Brabant 2000 + TELETEXT
1st Orleans 363 pigeons
1st Orleans 3064 pigeons Fond Union
3rd Orleans 13137 pigeons Brabant 2000 + TELETEXT
7th Creil 3229 pigeons HVB
11th Creil 8050 pigeons Brabant 2000/rayon 4
11th Peronne 467 pigeons HVB
13th Pommeroeul 3292 pigeons HVB
20th Pommeroeul 7446 pigeons Brabant 2000/rayon 4
28th Strombeek 2529 pigeons HVB
36th Strombeek 4014 pigeons HVB
39th St Quentin 800 pigeons HVB
40th St Quentin 3309 pigeons HVB
40th Strombeek 8546 pigeons Brabant 2000/rayon 4
48th Nijvel 1085 pigeons HVB
98th St Quentin 7861 pigeons Brabant 2000/rayon 4
179th Orleans NPO 8135 pigeons Brabant 2000

Allready more than 35 grandchildren raced very well, for more information from results (grand)children click here