Louis Stabel & Zn.

The base of the loft is laid early 80 Louis then bought 28 pigeons from A Sas from the Belgian Poppel (van Loon based loft). After several years there was only one pigeon over and that was NL 80-846054 named the “Sas Duif” which later became the bae-hen of the loft. No less than five different descendants of several generations of her won or NPO or ZNB races. Outside these last there was in the early years, a more than significant contribution to the NL 81-1956448 from Verhagen van Gorp from Goirle.. Afterwards came in 1986 another great breeder with the NL86-1339142 of Jan Verhoeven & ZN from Goirle. The following years were annually caught up with several pigeons (which is still being done). Instead of setting up breeding these newcomers were often tested in the races and some was allowed directly into the breeding loft. With varying success may be said but often we have been very good with it. We don’t place names because there are many we were good with and so we wouldn’t forget names. Over the years we have made a sort which crosses very well with new pigeons. Maybe that is also the reason why we keep in the top for many years.

Number of pigeons. There are about 25 couples breeders, 35 widowers for short-, middle- and long distance. Whose hens stay home. We also have about 60 widowhood hens which are paired to 32 cocks also not flown. And for our own we breed around 180 youngsters. In total, a sizeable colony.

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