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Information updated 18-01-2018

He was a superb racer with many top prizes, the most important result was:

2nd National ace-pigeon on middle distance EUROPACUP

Some other good results the ace-pigeon championships:
1st ace-pigeon middle distance in 2009
2nd ace-pigeon autumn races youngsters
4th ace-pigeon old in combine HVB
4th ace-pigeon middle distance in 2008
5th ace-pigeon middle distance Brabant 2000/rayon 4
7th ace-pigeon middle distance Brabant 2000

On the races he won a.o.:
1st Strombeek 486 pigeons
1st Sens 464 pigeons
1st Orleans 439 pigeons
1st Sezanne 398 pigeons
1st Orleans 320 pigeons
1st Sezanne 1379 pigeons HVB
1st Orleans 1327 pigeons HVB
2nd Strombeek 2298 pigeons HVB
3rd Sens 1817 pigeons HVB
3rd Orleans 1201 pigeons HVB
4th Orleans 2755 pigeons rayon 4
4th Orleans 2619 pigeons rayon 4
4th Sezanne 2946 pigeons rayon 4
4th Argenton 2126 pigeons Fond Union
7th Creil 1912 pigeons HVB
8th Orleans 9177 pigeons Brabant 2000 + TELETEXT
14th Creil 2740 pigeons HVB
15th Creil 3979 pigeons rayon 4
17th Pommeroeul 976 pigeons HVB
22th St Quentin 3608 pigeons HVB
26th Creil 3943 pigeons HVB
27th Sezanne 1294 pigeons HVB
29th Pommeroeul 2717 pigeons HVB
33th NPO Argenton 7638 pigeons Brabant 2000
37th Sens 3805 pigeons rayon 4
41th Creil 4219 pigeons HVB
44th St Quentin 3382 pigeons HVB
47th St Quentin 8879 pigeons rayon 4
51th Sezanne 2651 pigeons rayon 4
63th Montlucon 1607 pigeons Fond Union
65th Argenton 23308 pigeons National
73th Creil 9620 pigeons rayon 4
85th Creil 5742 pigeons rayon 4
115th NPO Montlucon 6028 pigeons Brabant 2000
141th Creil 8050 pigeons rayon 4
143th Creil 9655 pigeons rayon 4

We didn’t bred many youngsters from him because he gave a lot of time bad eggs in the winterbreeding, but the little offspring on our loft do well.

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