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Information updated 16-01-2018

Daughter to base-pigeons “Esmee” and “Goede 83” both won 2 times a teletext mention

TOP class racing hen and now breeding sensation!!!

She won 5 prizes as youngsters, 18 as yearling and 17 in 2015 with o.a.:
1st allround super crack in club
2nd ace-pigeon old combine Hart van Brabant 2014
2nd ace-pigeon old combine Hart van Brabant 2015
3rd ace-pigeon middle distance in club
3rd ace-pigeon short distance in club
4th ace-pigeon autumn races in club
5th ace-pigeon autumn races in club
6th ace-pigeon middle distance in club
8th ace pigeon short distance Union Rayon 4
9th ace-pigeon autumn races combine Hart van Brabant
9th National ace middle d. old PIPA-rankings (4 prizes)
10th ace-pigeon short in club
12th ace-pigeon middle distance Brabant 2000
13th ace-hen National competition WHZB/TBOTB
13th ace pigeon autumn races Union Rayon 4
16th ace pigeon autumn races Union Rayon 4
27th National ace-pigeon short-middle d. PIPA-Rankings (10 prizes)
1st St Quentin 979 pigeons
1st Pommeroeul 803 pigeons
1st Sens 678 pigeons
1st Quievrain 123 pigeons
1st Morlincourt 104 pigeons
1st Creil 62 pigeons
1st Creil 110 pigeons HVB
1st Creil 245 pigeons Union Rayon 4 (fastest liberation 5090 p.)
2nd Pommeroeul 2461 pigeons HVB
2nd Pommeroeul 4633 pigeons Union Rayon 4
2nd Quievrain 364 pigeons HVB
2nd Morlincourt 319 pigeons HVB
2nd Quievrain 913 pigeons Union Rayon 4
3rd Sens 2246 pigeons HVB
3rd Sens 4706 pigeons Union Rayon 4 (4th liberation 17226 pigeons)
4th Quievrain 3141 pigeons HVB
5th Morlincourt 1531 pigeons HVB
5th Creil 487 pigeons HVB
6th Creil 9912 pigeons Brabant 2000 + TELETEXT
6th Fontenay 930 pigeons HVB
6th Creil 919 pigeons Union Rayon 4
6th Morlincourt 789 pigeons Union Rayon 4
12th Fontenay 1837 pigeons Union Rayon 4
14th St Quentin 3297 pigeons HVB
18th Sens 1487 pigeons HVB
21th St Quentin 7131 pigeons Union Rayon 4
22th Asse-Zellik 1751 pigeons HVB
22th Morlincourt 609 pigeons HVB
23th Morlincourt 1305 pigeons HVB
24th Sens 1240 pigeons HVB
27th Morlincourt 1268 pigeons Unino Rayon 4
32th St Quentin 2936 pigeons HVB
41th Sens 3247 pigeons Union Rayon 4
42th Roye 1085 pigeons HVB
44th St Quievrain 6790 pigeons Union Rayon 4
48th Wolvertem 3137 pigeons HVB
48th Wolvertem 5451 pigeons Union Rayon 4
51th St Quentin 2177 pigeons HVB
53th Sens 2449 pigeons Union Rayon 4
63th Creil 2375 pigeons HVB
67th Creil 3349 pigeons HVB
74th Morlincourt 2669 pigeons Union Rayon 4
80th St Quentin 4114 pigeons Union Rayon 4
90th Wolvertem 3280 pigeons HVB
92th St Quentin 6460 pigeons Union Rayon 4
93th Feluy 2272 pigeons HVB
94th Roye 2215 pigeons Union Rayon 4
111th Creil 6991 pigeons Union Rayon 4
127th Creil 4819 pigeons Union Rayon 4
127th Bourges 1184 pigeons Union Rayon 4
178th Feluy 4673 pigeons Union Rayon 4
187th Wolvertem 5980 pigeons Union Rayon 4
198th Creil 6215 pigeons Union Rayon 4

“New Esmee” became later a sensational breeding hen and children won among others:
1.ace-pigeon young section Rayon 4
2.ace-pigeon young Combine HVB
3.ace-pigeon long distance Section Union Rayon 4
3.Gouden Crack Young Provincial Brabant 2000
6.Gouden Crack long distance Provincial Brabant 2000
8.National ace-pigeon middle d. young Pipa-Rankings
8.ace-pigeon young sprint Section Rayon 4
11.National ace-pigeon young Pipa-Rankings
And some race results without doubles:
1.Bourges 152 pigeons
33.NPO 4.464 pigeons Provincial
6.Peronne 1.871 pigeons
8.NPO Orleans 5.110 pigeons
12.Morlincourt 3.528 pigeons
12.Peronne 1.718 pigeons
16.Pont St Max 12.752 pigeons Provincial
16.Morlincourt 2.173 pigeons
25.Pont St Max 11.447 pigeons Provincial
29.Asse Zellik 4.338 pigeons
34.Orleans 1.983 pigeons
36.Creil 15.184 pigeons Provincial
37.Peronne 2524 pigeons
39.NPO Limoges 2.640 pigeons Provincial
48.Strepy-Thieu 3.231 pigeons
49.Pont St Max 1.790 pigeons
51.Quievrain 8.028 pigeons
56.Asse Zellik 4.398 pigeons
57.Morlincourt 13.842 pigeons Provincial
57.NPO Fontenay 9.425 pigeons Provincial
78.Asse-Zellik 4.398 pigeons
82.Pont St Max 12.752 pigeons Provincial
82.NPO La Souterraine 3.694 pigeons Provincial
83.NPO Chateauroux 3.489 pigeons Provincial
101.NPO Fontenay 9.425 pigeons Provincial
…and many more!!!