Today we had the last YB-race from the season from Orleans 459 km. They expect good weather so we send almost our whole team of 97 birds. Liberation was at 08:30 and with the expected north win d in the beginning we expect them around 14:00 but the 1st mention told us that we must clock earlier. At 13:39 we get one which came direct down but not on the trap and she lost 30 seconds.
Finally she won the 1st NPO Orleans 4733 birds. And the others came also very well and we won 59 prizes so that is anice percentage from 61%.
Provincial NPO approx 4733 bs. we win: 1,14,18,36,47,54,76,78,86,117,120,143,169,177,186,209,249,263,281,298 etc.

1st bird 18-307 won the first 3 raced prize and then we lost her and we picked her up some weeks later. We raced her on the shorter races to go now to Orleans with this superb result. She won 5 prizes with 1/4634, 11/1772, 40/5960 so she now what racing in the front is but that is not strange with her breeding!! Father is base breeder “Goede 83” paired to 2nd Provincial ace YB “Schipperke”.
2nd bird 18-338 is a TOP YB with 10 prizes with 3/3111, 10 Prov. 7249, 14 NPO 4733, 25/1772. The father is a brother to “Esmee” and he become a topbreeder and the mother is “Topperke 166”.

3rd bird 18-378 won her 5th prize of the season with 18 NPO 4733 d. and 22/3860.
The father is good breeder “Schoon Oog 89” and mother “Mandy” who won 1st Prov. Pont St Max 11447 birds.

4th bird 18-308 won his 7th prize of the season with already: 1/1772, 3/3617, 20/2477, 34/4733, 40/3111. He is a brother to the 1st NPO today so the father is base breeder “Goede 83” paired to “Schipperke 2nd Provincial ace YB.

On the first race of the day Morlincourt 260 km we send 63 bird. They where liberated at 08:45 and with the W-wind we expected them just after 11:30. At 11:34 we get one and the others came fast ij a row. Finally we won in the Section the 3rd approx. 2766 bs. And with 55 prizes and a percentage from 87% it was a top result!!!
Provincial approx 9778 d. we won: 12,49,58,59,60,61,62,74,75,77,80,83,86,90,100,122,123,158,166,202,207,214 etc.

1st bird is a yearling who won 12 prizes this season. She is a daughter to topbreeder “Yellow Eye” and mother “Esmee 360” bred from base breeders “Goede 83 x Esmee”

2nd bird 17-970 is a superb yearling with 18 prizes with 8x in first 1% with a.o.: 8/4765 bs., 12/4414 bs., 12/2405 bs., 13/2477 bs., 45/5106 bs., 49/9778 bs., 112/17537 bs. and 157/23171 bs.
That she raced like this is not special when you watch her pedigree!!! Father is base breeder “Goede 83” and mother is “Romy” 1st National Ace.

Next week the last race of the season from Pont St Max 303 km.


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