Saturday we had the first race of the season from Quievrain 156 km and we send our whole team 125 birds.
They where in a good condition but the where not SUPER. With 79 prizes (63%) in the section and prize 9 and 15 approx 4030 birds we made a good start. Specialy the yearlings did well.

1st bird 20-499: bred from son superbreeder “D’n Hemert” x New Esmee” and the mother is direct Comb van Wanrooij from the toppers “Mr. Gold” x “Lieke”.
2nd bird 19-073: raced well a yearling on the long distance. Father is son to base-hen “Esmee” x “Super Ace 10”. The mother is direct Interpalomas Lofts H de Weerd.
3rd bird 20-430: father is Geerinckx strain direct Bart Verbeek and the mother is direct Willem de Bruin.
4th bird 20-312: father is direct Hok Reijnen-Bolton who is also father to a good yearling 2020. The mother is crossing Corne Jansen x our own lines.
5th bird 20-327: the father is brother “Romy” and the mother is tophen “Liesbeth”
6th bird 20-344: father is topbreeder “D’n Hemert” and the mother is topper “Mendy” who raced well and now perform superb on the breeding loft..