Yesterday we had the start of the long distance season from Issoudun 554 km and we send 60 birds.
The hens made it a special day for us and they came very motivated at home.
The final result was 44 prizes and 6 birds in the top 10 provincial/NPO.

1st bird 20-460: as YB raced undarkness and she won 4 prizes and then now this topresult!! The father is a good long distance racer and the mother also won a lot of prizes!
2nd bird 20-390: she won last week 4th Peronne 956 bs.! Father is topbreeder “Yellow Eye” and the mother is topracinghen “Melanie”
3rd bird 19-110: won as yearling 8th NPO Montlucon. The father is direct Hok Reijnen-Bolton and the mother is a sister to our base-hen “Esmee”.
4th bird 19-165: raced well as YB and as yearling. The father made some topresults on the long distance and the mother is a sister to 1.National Ace “Romy”.
5th bird 20-485: the father is topbreeder “Brother Esmee 354” and the mother is direct Jo&Raf Herbots
6th bird 18-345: father is topbreeder “Frankie” and the mother is “Annemiek” 9.National ace yearling Pipa.

On the short distance race Pont St Max we send the other bird 54 in total. Also hens in front with prize 13 and 17 approx 3.326 birds and we won 27 prizes.

1st bird 20-403: the father is a grey cock direct Bart Verbeek and the mother is “Broken Wing” who won 2x 1st prize. She won last week 63th Peronne 3083 bs.
2nd bird 20-263: won the last weeks good prizes. The father is topbreeder “Blauwe AS” direct Tony Hesketh and the mother is from “Goede 83” x “Limogeske”
3rd bird 18-271: a good hen for short and middle distance. The father is fro base-breeders “Goede 83” x “Gertje” and the mother is “Limogeske”