Is was a busy day yesterday with 3 races St Vincent 998km, Montlucon 600km and Bierges 92 km. To Montlucon we send 94 birds and to Bierges 158 youngsters.
On St Vincent we send 2 one day long distance pigeons and 1 won 44th National sector 1 5496 bs. She is bred from a cock from Bart Verbeek (Geerinckx) and the mother is direct from basepair “Goede 83” x “Esmee”.

The YB where liberated 09:05 and we get the first ones 10:05 who came down directly. They came well and we win some good prizes in the front with 1 and 2 approx 3142 bs. With 60 prizes it was a good start of the season.
Montlucon was liberated 07:15 ourand we get 2 together at 14:41 but the didn’t came from the good direction. With 7e en 8e NPO we have a very good result and with 53 prizes it was a good race for us!!!
Bierges bs.: 1,2,8,16,22,23,25,75,112,132,135,152,157,181,203,294,297,298 etc.
Montlucon 4964 bs.: 7,8,21,36,66,80,81,82,89,118,138,141,143,154,157,170,191,267,295 etc.

1st Bird 20-291 his father is a topbreeder he gave allready different teletext pigeons. The mother we get back end 2019 and she is daughter basepair “Goede 83” en “Esmee”.
2rd bird 20-364 the father is a brother to basehen “Esmee” and the mother is direct Bart & Nance van Oeckel and is a daughter from their basebreeder “Gaston jr”
3rd duif 20-406 the father is from toplines “Blauwe AS” “Goede 83” and “Esmee” and the mother is direct Wout Spierings.
4th bird 20-344 the father is topbreeder D’n Hemert and the mother is “Mendy” who raced well as YB with 2 topprizes.

1st bird 19-104 won 2 weeks back 6th NPO Issoudun and now 8th!!! She start to become a SUPER racing hen, as YB she became 1.Ace middle distance in Section Rayon 4. We get her frok clubmember Max Benton.
2nd bird 19-110 is a very good yearling. The father is direct Comb Reijnen-Bolton and the mother is a sister to our base-hen “Esmee”
3rd bird 18-313 raced well as YB and inn 2019 we lost her and came back in August. We liked her very much so we keep her with and now she won 21th NPO. The father is direct from Bart Verbeek and the mother is super racing hen “Super 301”