After the super result last week on Issoudun we have another topresult with 1st prize in the Section on Sens approx 2670 bs.
We didn’t send all our bird but we selected 56, only a few long distance pigeons we send.
It became a heavy race with a northeast wind.
We are happt with the 31 prizes from the 56 we send including some birds in the top.

1st bird 19-009: this widower raced well as youngster and yearling and now he won the 1st prize in the Section. The father is a son to topper “De Reus” and the mother is from pairing “Super Ace 10 x Esmee”
2nd bird 18-462: last week she missed her prize as 1st nominated pigeon and now whe won another top results. The father gave allready more good youngsters and the mother is “Mendy” who won 2x top 20 provincial as YB and now start to became a good breeder.
3rd bird 20-283: as YB allready xx top 100 NPO and also this season 5 prizes allready. The father is direct Bart Verbeek and the mother is a sister to base-hen “Esmee”.
4th bird 20-390: won last week 3rd NPO Issoudun, wins now 3 top prizes in a row!!! Father is topbreeder “Yellow Eye” and the mother is topracing hen “Melanie”
5th bird 19-035: our tophen form 2020. Also this season 5 prizes!. Father is crossing bease-breeders “Goede 83 x Gertje” and the mother is direct Gert vd Bogaard.