After a day of delay yesterday the are liberated. Pont St Max 303km at 08:00 am and we send 127 youngsters and Asse-Zellik 89 km 13:00 pm and we send 94.
At 12:36 their came 2 youngsters from the north 1 from us and 1 stranger. Quick we get another 3 youngsters and then we get a gap.
Finally we win the 1st Provincial agains 11447 bs. And also the prizes 20,25 end 26 and with 51 prizes it is a very good result.
Striking is that we get the same 2 pigeons in front of last week only now in a different order.
1st bird 17-873 won now 5 prizes on 6 races with also last week the 16th 15184 bs.
Het father is a crossing Comb van Wanrooij with our old lines and we bred from him already the 3rd NPO Sens.
The mother won as youngster 10 prizes and is from 2 sides from our “Esmee”-line.2nd bird 17-859 is a hen who won nog for the 4th time prizes with already: 12th Creil 15184 bs., 44th Quievrain 4799 bs.
She is bred fro a brother to “Romy” paired to a granddaughter from “Esmee” named “Esmee Ace 454” who became 5th provincial ace long distance Brabant 2000 and 13th National ace-hen WHZB/TBOTB.

3rd bird 07-888 won for the 3rd time prizes with also 32th Morlincourt 4125 bs.
We bred him from “New Esmee” (Esmee x Goede 83) and she was a topracing hen and now a SUPERB breeder. The from came from Gebr van Hemert Nieuwendijk who gave already some good racers.

4th bird came from clubmember Ton van Abeelen and she won prize fort he 4th time with these good 26th again 11447 bs.

The pigeons on the late tour had a late liberation because bad wetter soil mist. We expected them around 14:05 pm. At 14:01 we get 4 pigeons together which lost some time to get on the trap.
In front we get out TOPHEN 15-452 who won this season 17 prizes on 17 race including 6 time 1:100.
And with 74 prizes it is a really top result.

Result from yesterday:
Pont St Max:
Club 1171 bs.: 1,2,4,5,9,13,14,15,18,22,25,35,36,38
HVB 1790 bs.: 2,4,5,6,16,21,22,23,26,32,35,49,52,56,60
Rayon 4 3319 bs.: 1,2,6,7,27,33,37,41,50,55,76,80,84,88
Provincial Brabant 2000 11447 bs.: 1,20,25,26,87,120,127,136,140,197

Club 1129 bs.: 6,7,15,16,26,28,29,31,45,48,52
HVB 2711 bs.: 7,8,20,21,36,42,43,48,70,74,80
Rayon 4 5532 bs.: 7,8,20,21,36,42,43,48,77,82,89

Pont 13-8 3730873 17-373087317-373085917-3730882 17-373088815-3531452