YES YES 1st NPO Montlucon 5457 birds with tophen Frederique!!!

Today we had the long distance race from Montlucon 602 km. We expected a race with a stromg tail wind so we send some more birds in total 64. They liberated at 11:00 and with a strong SW-wind they would have a speed far above 100km/h.
At 16:18 we get a birds which came down as a bullet and direct on the trapp and it wax our 1st nominated pigeon “Frederique”. After that we had a little gap and then they came short.
With 28 prizes it was a very good results but the 1st NPO made it a SUPER result.

We also had a nice reference because Gebr. Borgmans won the 15th NPO Montlucon 4491 bs. with a direct Stabel pigeons bred from “D’n Hemert” and “New Esmee”!! Her brother won today 20th NPO 5457 bs.!!

Approx 5457 bs we won: 1,20,26,47,49,52,89,93,178,179,240,245,298,303,319,333,352 etc.

Our winner is 17-915 “Frederique” who already raced superb on the NPO races with a.o.: 1st,28th,34th, 67th, 76th and 118th NPO. She is bred from “Ace 642” who became 1st Ace YB and her mother is a 100% Verkerk direct from Chiel de Wit, Zuid Scharwoude.

2nd bird 18-262 is a yearling widower bred from toppigeons “D”n Hemert” and “New Esmee”, on his 1st long distance race he direct made a topresult.
3rd bird 18-330 is a widowhood hen who won as YB the 58th NPO 3917 birds. The father is direct Comb. van Wanrooij Geffen and the mother is a daughter to basebreeders “Super Ace 10” and “Esmee”
4th bird B18-978 is direct Bart Verbeek and won allready some top prizes this year.
5th bird 17-782 raced well on the long distance as yearling. The father is direct Andre Smits and the mother was tophen “Ace Esmee 454” who became 5th provincial Ace long distance.

On the short distance race Morlincourt we send the other 48 birds. The where liberated very late 14:30 and they would also make a high speed. It became not a top results for us but we had 3 birds in the front with 26,28 and 30 approx 9222 bs.
1st bird 18-385 won 7 prizes this year. She is bred from tophen “Topper 595” and the father is a son to 1st NPO Fontenay.
2nd bird 18-308 is a top racing cok with 10 prizes on 10 races this season and is brother 1st NPO Orleans!! Father is topkweker “Goede 83” x “Schipperke”.
3rd bird 18-350 is a full sister to National Ace “Romy” and she already won 4 topprizes this year: 26/2675, 30/9222, 36/2382 en 59/5913 bs.