Saturday we had our last middle distance race from Gien and the 2nd youngsters race from Quievrain.
We sens 140 youngsters and 38 ones to Gien.

De youngsters where liberated early and came well but turned around a lot when they came home.
We won 55 prizes so that was a good result.

De pigeons from Gien where liberated at 07:15 am and it was a very fast race. For us was it not a good race with 12 prizes and no early prizes.

But we get our nominated pigeons so we finished with very nice results:
1st loft-champion middle distance Section Union Rayon 4 (400 members)
1st loft-champion old Combine Samenspel Hart van Brabant (210 leden)
1st ace-pigeon old Combine Hart van Brabant 15-3531452
2nd ace-pigeons middle distance Section Union Rayon 4 15-3531452
4th ace-pigeon old Combine Hart van Brabant 15-3531301
7th ace-pigeons middle distance Section 16-3630583
9th ace-pigeons middle distance Section 15-3531301

The 15-3531452 won this year 15 on 15 so she became 1st champion in Combine Hart van Brabant wit 10 prizes 1:20.

Below the results from last Saturday:
club 1502 bs.: 16,17,21,29,33,60,66,75,76,85,94,97,99
HVB 2552 bs.: 32,33,37,51,59,100,108,119,121,33
Rayon 4 4799 bs.: 42,44,48,67,79,133,141,154,156

Club 325 bs.: 21,25,32,43,44,58,61
HVB 574 bs.: 25,30,37,55,56,74,77,94
Rayon 4 1089 bs.: 45,54,64,100,102,124,128