We won the 1st provincial with a  granson to topbreedinghen “Esmee”.

We had 3 races yesterday Fontenay send 50, La Souterraine send 40 and a training for 144 youngsters.
First came the youngsters and they did wel 90 in 7 minutes.

From Fontenay 432 km we expect a speed from 100km/h and that came true. At 11:32 we get an widower dircet from the north and after 2 turns with some strange youngsters he get on the trap.
After that we must wait till 11:40 so it must be an early one but you never no!! Yesterday evening the last club send in and we won 1st 6916 bs and oud 2nd and 3rd pigeon win prize 13 and 14!!
And with 29 prize it was a superb result for us.

The winner was a yearling widower 16-638 who was 2 weeks before from also our first one from Sens with prize 85th agains 9133 bs.
He is a grandson to our base0hen “Esmee”. As youngster he won 3x 1:100 with a.o. 6e Pont St Max 12752 bs.

Our 2nd bird was our 2nd nominated pigeon 15-452 she now won 13 prizes on 13 races with a.o.: 8th 1178 bs., 13th 6916 bs., 23th 2747 bs., 62th 2469 bs., 64th 1764 bs., 68th 2845 bs., 73th 1962 bs., 86th 2821 bs.

Our 3rd was 15:570 and she is a full sister from “Schipperke” 2nd provincial ace Brabant 2000 and bred from a sister from “Esmee”. This hen won allready different good prizes.

Than La Souterraine which we expect around 13:45. We get our 1st one at 14:04 and she won a good prize 28th NPO 4373 bs. and in total 22 won a prize.
So this weekend 2 races with more than 50% prize!!!

Our 1st was a yearling hen 16-502 and she is a full sister to the 1st Provincial Fontenay!!! So from 2 races a pigeons in front from the same couple.This hen was as youngster 3rd Gouden Crack youngsters Brabant 2000!!!!!

Our 2nd one was also a yearling 16-728 who won now her 9th prize and on the last long distance race Argenton she won 54th NPO 5581 bs.
She is bred from the same father as 15-452 (see above) and he is a crossing Schaerlackens x 100% vd Wouwer from Bart Verbeek. And the mother is a crossing Schaerlackens x daughter “Esmee”

Total overview:
Club 592 bs.: 1,8,9,17,19,21,22,32,34,39,41,47
HVB 1019 bs.: 1,8,9,23,29,34,36,49,52,57,59
Rayon 4 1949 bs.: 1,8,9,28,36,41,44,70,75,82,84,98
Brabant 2000 6916 bs.: 1,13,14,61,100,111,115,190,199,210,215

La Souterraine:
Club 278 bs.: 5,10,11,12,14,15,20,24,37,39,41,43
Rayon 4 1180 bs.: 10,37,38,39,56,57,67,84,112,116
Brabant 2000 4373 bs.: 28,116,118,120,156,162,193