Today we had only 1 race from Niergnies 198 km and we send almost our whole team of 165 birds.
With the east wind and blue sky it woud not be a easy race.
At 11:27 we get 5 birds together which where very motivated to come down on the trapp.
Then we must wait some minutes so it must be early birds.
Finally we won the first 5 prizes in Combine Hart van Brabant and in total 107 prizes.

Niergnies 2962 bs.: 1,2,3,4,5,40,41,48,58,66,79,82,87,88,90,105,113,118,119,122,128,133,136,139 etc.

1st bird 17-970 was a tophen from season 2018 and this year she won also 14 przies. The father is base-breeder “Goede 83” and the mother is National Ace “Romy”
2nd bird 19-035 was 2nd Ace sprint jong in Section Union Rayon 4. The father is a son to “Goede 83” x “Gertje” and the mother is direct Gert vd Bogaard.
3rd bird 18-243 won allready 2x first prize. The father is “Chateauroux 99” with 18th Nat. 37.874 bs. and the mother is a daughter to “Romy”
4th bird 19-051 is a daughter to a 100% Schaerlaeckens cock from our English friend Tony Hesketh and the mother is a daughter to base couple “Goede 83” x “Esmee”. She won last week 17 NPO Melun.
5th bird 19-081 won good przies the last 3 weeks. The father is a brother to “Romy” and the mother is a daughter to racing sensation 2018 “Liesbeth”.