Saturday we had our first middle distance race for youngsters from Creil 312 bs. What must be a nice race became a bad race in the end with heavy rain when they came home. So they arrived totaly wet.
We send 132 youngsters and expected them around 13:20. At 13:26 we get one from the east direction and 1 minute later we get our 2nd pigeons. After those 2 they came not very well because the bad weather we think
But the result from the 1st 2 was good for 1&2 in the club 1329 bs. and Provincial Brabant 2000 again 15184 bs. prize 12 and 16. So that was very good. We won 41 prizes that was not enough but these weather we are happy with that including the 2 early ones.
Almost of them came home so we hope for a better race next weekend.
Dispite the bad weather our first 10 birds are from out TOPBREEDING lines “Esmee” / “Goede 83” and different times paired to the line from “Romy”
Our 1st bird 17-859 is a hen who won her third prize from 5 race with also 44th Quievrain 4799 bs.
She is bred from a brother to “Romy” paired to a granddaughter from “Esmee” namely “Esmee Ace 454” who became in 2016 5th ace Provincial Brabant 2000 on long distance and 13th ace-hen WHZB/TBOTB
2nd bird 17-873 won 4 prizes now. Her father bred also the 3rd NPO SEns and the mother won 10 prizes as youngster and is bred from two sides from the line of “Esmee”
3rd bird 17-793 is my personal favorite and won 3 prizes with now the 36th again 15184 bs.
She is bred from “New Esmee” (daughter Goede 83 x Esmee) and was a SUPERB racing hen a and her breeding is also very good.
The father came from Gebr. van Hemert (Nieuwendijk) and gave allready some very good ones.
4th bird 17-794 and 7th bird 17-835 are bred from a couple we paired SPECIAL, SUPERB BREEDER “Goede 83” x TOP racing hen “Romy” (1st national ace-pigeon).
The 794 won on 5 races: 40th 4113 bs., 49th 5142 bs., 55th 4125 bs., 70th 2428 bs.
The 835 won 3 prizes with: 42th 4606 d. and 44th 4113 bs.
I looks it is a SUPERB breeding couple
5th bird 17-782 won her 4th prize from the season and she is bred from “Esmee Ace 454” (see above mentioned our 1e bird) paired to a cock from A Smits (Zundert) which we bought last winter.
6th bird 17-872 is bred from a son from “Romy” paired to a daughter to TOPBREEDERS “Goede 83” x “Esmee”
Below the result from Creil:
Club 1329 bs.: 1,2,7,19,20,21,22,36,41,43,44,46
HVB 2200 bs.: 5,6,13,32,33,34,36,64,76,78,79,83,86
Rayon 4 4113 bs.: 5,6,13,40,41,42,44,81,105,107,108
Brabant 2000 15184 bs.:12,16,36,105,107,108,112
Chzteauroux17-3730859 17-373087317-3730793 17-3730794 17-3730782 17-3730872