We would have a race from Creil but because the bad weather in that area they decided to race 50 km short and that was a great good choice.

We send our team from 122 birds and the results became better the last weeks so we hope that also this week the result became better.
We expected a heavy race with East-North East wind and when we heared the speed on the shorter distance was a round 72 km/h.

At 11:55 am we get 2 birds from the good direction and they came good inside. It where 2 yearlings which where allready on the results on the races before. 1 minute later we get 2 pigeons together from the north side so we where not sure the 1st twowhere early.
1 minuut kregen we opnieuw 2 duiven gelijktijdig maar die kwamen terug uit het Noorden dus was het afwachten of we wel vroeg genoeg zaten.

In the combine Hart van Brabant we won with a difference less than a second, but it was a Superb result with the prizes 1,3,4,5 and in total 69 birds on the list.

Our 1st pigeon 16-522 we expected a lot before the season. As youngster se won 6 prizes and in 2017 allready 4 prizes with a nice 1st prize!!
Her father is a full brother to our super breedinghen “Esmee” and the mother is “Maud” which was a superb racing hen.

The 2nd ons also a yearling 16-627 she won as youngster 7 prizes and this season allready 5x on the resultlist. She is bred co-breeding with Jan van Huijgevoort from Tilburg, his 1st ace middle distance Provincial p-aired to our superb breedinghen “Esmee 212″ (daughter Esme”).

Our 4th pigeon was TOP racing hen “Renate” who won in 2016 2 times Teletext and in 2015 8th National ace pigeon. It looks that she is in good shape for the long distance races.

Below the result from Morlincourt:
Club 1308 bs.: 1,3,4,5 7,12,13,16,17,21
HVB 2747 bs.: 1,3,4,5,8,16,17,23,24,29
Rayon 4 5608 bs.: 3,5,7,8,16,45,47,65,66,73

16-3630627 16-3630522 morlincourt 6-5