Today we had our 3rd YB-race from Quievrain 156 km. We send 137 and with the NO-wind and high temperature it wouldn’t be an easy race.
They liberate at 09:00 and we expected that they must fly over 2 ours. At 11:02 we get 3 from the good direction and a 4th more from the west and after 1 turn we clocked them in 4 seconds. And after a few minutes the came very well.
Finally we win 74 prizes with in Combine Hart van Brabant approx 2147 bs.: 1,2,3,4,21,26,32,34,35,37,40,44,48,52,53,56,57,58,64
A top result from our YB-team!!!

1st bird 18-243 bred from “Chateauroux 99” who won last year 18th National Chateauroux 37794 bs. and mother is a daughter to “Romy”

2nd bird 18-308 won the 1st race the 1st approx 1772 bs. His breeding is SUPERB: father is base-breeder “Goede 83” paired to super racing hen “Romy”

3rd bird 18-241 bred fro topbreeder “Schoon Oog 589” who produced different 1st prize winners. Mother is “Donker Esmee” who won many good prizes.

4th bird 18-932 bred from “Super Melun” with 8th provincial 18466 bs. (grandson Esmee) paired to a hen from Willem de Bruijn.