Today we had the 4th YB-race from the season Quievrain 156 km. We send 130 and they also had this week headwind. Liberated at 09:05 and we get at 10:59 3 from the wright direction and after these they came very fast. Finally we win 59 prizes with in Section Rayon 4 approx 3039 bs.: 1,2,3,21,25,39,40,41,43,77,80,85,87,121,146,148,150 etc.
So the YB-team did well again!!!

1st bird 18-932 bred from “Super Melun” with 8th provincial 18466 bs. (grandson Esmee) paired to a hen from Willem de Bruijn. Last week she won 4th 2147 bs.

2nd bird 18-359 won last week his 1st prize. Father is brother to “Romy” who won 1st Orleans, and mother is a daughter from base-hen “Esmee” paired to “Super Ace 10”.

3rd bird 18-338 won mow 3 prizes from 4 races with 3rd 3039 bs. and 25th 1772 bs.
Father is a brother to base-hen “Esmee” and he start to became a very good breeder. And mother is top racinghen “Topperke 166”

The 1nd race was National Chateauroux 577 km and we send 82 birds.
Liberated at 07:20 and at 14:57 we get our 1st nominated pigeon in front good fort he 18th NPO.
Short we clocked another 2 pigeon who are in front of the list and we won 37 prizes. The serie Provincial Brabant 2000 approx 3431 bs.: 18,25,28,46,67,93,94 etc.

1st bird 15-301 is a TOP racinghen who now won her 13th prize in first 1%. Father is topbreeder “Henk” from Interpalomas Lofts paired to base-hen “Gertje” direct Gert vd Bogaard.

2nd bird 15-452is also a tophen with in 2017 4th Provincial ace middle distance.

3rd bird 17-782 is a yearling with 5 prizes on 5 long distance races. Father is direct Andre Smits Zundert and the mother is “Esmee Ace 454” 5th Provincial Ace long distance.

Quievrain 21-718-510193218-518135918-518133815-353130115-353145217-3730782