Yesterday we had our NATIONAL race Chateauroux with a very good result for us!!!
16&18 National 37794 bs. and as 1st loft 2 birds on the list.
Provincial NPO Brabant 2000 3489 bs 9,10,33,35,41,45,62,68,76,83,88,90 and 46 prizes from 79 we send (National 53 prizes).
Our 1st 3 birds are related to our SUPERB breeding line “Esmee”!!!!!!!!
1st bird 14-041 is bred from a daughter to “Esmee” paired to a cock from C&B Janssen from Helvoirt. Her sister became in 2016 5th ace provincial long distance and 13th ace-hen National WHZB/TBOTB.
2nd bird was a widower 15-399 who raced well as yearling on the last middle distance races. This he was nog top but this results is OUTSTANDING.
He is bred from  a brother to “Esmee” and we bred more good ones from him.
3rd bird is a top racing hen 15-398 who here 14th prize from the season!!!!!  With 7th Creil 9489 bs. She is also bred form a brother to “Esmee”
We finished the long distance well with the championships below:
1st non-nominated long distance
1st ominated long distance
1st ace-pigeon long distance with 14-3433013 “Limogeske” in 2016 allreasy SUPERB on long distance
6th loftchampion long distance Section Union Rayon 4
19th nominated long distance Provincial Brabant 2000
Below the result on Chateauroux:
Club 320 bs.: 3,4,11,12,14,15,18,21,24,25,27,32,34,35
Rayon 4 933 bs.: 6,7,14,15,1,18,24,28,32,36,38,40,50,55,57
 NPO Brabant 2000 3489 bs.: 9,10,33,35,41,45,62,68,76,83,88,90
 Chzteauroux14-343304115-3531399 15-3531398