Today we had our 2nd middle distance race from Melun 366 km. We send almost our whole team 122 birds. Af the rain was gone n Melun the liberate at 10:00 with a different wind on the way back.
We expected them around 14:30 but at 14:26 we get a yealing hen who came down very motivated and then we get a gap to nr 2 so it must be a early one!!
She won the 1st prize in the section agains 4.167 bs. and with 72 prizes and a prizepercentage of 60% we can be happy today with the result!!

Result in section: 4167 bs.: 1,20,54,61,64,66,73,87,98,110,121,159,160,162,176,191,211 etc.

As first we clocked “Beautiful 243” who won as YB already the 1st again 2129 bs. In 2019 whe wo 4 prizes with 3 in front of the results: 1/4167, 14/2675 en 40/5913 bs. She is bred from “Chateauroux 99” who won himself 18th National 37.794 bs. and the mother is a daughter to “Romy”

2nd bird 16-700 won this year 6 prizes on 6 races with: 20/4167, 49/2901 and 56/2382 bs. She is bred from a son to “Esmee” who won himself 1st Creil 6.075 bs. and the mother is “Wouwerke 676” direct Bart Verbeek.
3rd bird 16-637 was ont the results the last 5 weeks with a.o.: 5/4852, 31/5913 en 54/4167 bs. She is bred from “Blauwe 10” paired to a daughter from our base breeders “Esmee” and “Goede 83”.