Yesterday we had out 6th YB race from Peronne 232 km. We send 130 and they where liberated 07:30. We expected them around 10:40 with the strong wind form the North.
At 10:40 we get one direct from the North so it couldn’t be a fisrt prize winner. After that they came well but not Superb, we have some YB with one eye cold so we have work to do this week.
In the club we made a nice serie approx 848 bs..: 3,4,6,14,1,17,18,21,22,23,27,28,29,35,42,43,44 and 46 prizes.
In Section Rayon 4 we won 1st championship sprint YB and 2nd and 3rd ace-pigeon.
2nd Ace is sister to National ace “Romy” (from Wouwer 662 x Gertje”)

1st bird 18-316 won her 1st prize of the season. She is bred from “Grizzle Bartje” direct Bart Verbeek and mother is “Broken Wing” who won as yearling 2x 1st prize and is daughetr to our best long distance hen “Limogeske”.

2nd bird 18-932 is bred from “Super Melun” with 8th provincial 18466 bs. (grandson Esmee) paired to a hen direct Willem de Bruin. This cock won this season already 1/3111 bs., 5/3617 bs. and this week 31/2490 bs.

3rd bird 18-359 won his 4 prize of the season, with the last 3 weeks: 2/3111 bs., 8/1858 bs. and 34/2490 bs.. The father is a brother to “Romy” and he won 1st Orleans, the mother is a daughter top our base-hen “Esmee” paired to “Super Ace 10”.

We als had the last long distance race from Chateauroux 577 km. We send 30 including our best pigeons because we expected a very nice rce. Liberated at 07:00 and we expected them around 16:00. At 16:05 we get our 1st one fro the wright direction followed by another to at 16:18 and 16:19. And these are the 5th, 28th and 30th NPO so a very good start, but after these 3 we get a big gap so a very bad results for us on the last long distance race.

1st bird 16-721 is a tophen thius season with allready 16 prizes on 17 races with 2/17537 bs., 5/1281 bs. NPO , 8/1449 bs., 37/3828 bs. 39/2713 bs. and 68th NPO Chateauroux 3431 bs.
She is bred from a direct cock Ad Schaerlackens paired to our topbreedinghen “Esmee 212” (dauchter Esmee and Super ace 10).

2nd bird 17-915 won this season 3 nice prizes on long distance: 28th NPO 1281 bs., 67th NPO 3087 bs. and 118th NPO 5187 bs. Father is “Ace 642” who bacame 1st ace-pigeon YB combine Hart van Brabant and the mother is a 100% Verkerk direct Chiel de Wit.

3rd bird 14-013 is our best long distance bird “Limogeske”. She is bred from top breedinghen “Esmee 212” (daughter Esmee and Super Ace 10) paired to topbreeder “Frankie”.

Peronne 4-818-518131618-510193218-5181359363072117-373091514-3433013