YES!!!   1st Fontenay-Sur-Eure 943 bs. and 9th NPO 9425 bs.

Yesterday we had 2e races Fontenay-Sur-Eure (432 km) we sent 118 bs. and Quievrain (156 km) and send 93 bs.
They liberate to early so the pigeons gets a lot off rain just before they came home.

Fontenay we expect a round 14:30. We get a pigeon direct out off the good line at 14:23 so it must be an early one. The others came most from the north!!
We are happy with the 1st prizes and 9th NPO only 37 prizes was not good enough.

1st bird 17-753 is a good one and won now 7 prizes from 7 races with this nice TOPRESULT.
His father we bought from Jac Ansems after he died and this cock won himself 1st Peronne 4308 bs. And is bred from a sister “Esmee” to Jac his topbreeder.
The mother is “Vrienske” and we get her from Comb Vromans and was a topracing hen as youngsters with 1st ace-pigeon young section and 1st Pommereoul 7201 bs. she already bred many good racers for us.

2ns bird 17-915 won her 3rd prize from the season with with last week 140th Pont St Max 11447 bs.
Her father became 1st ace young combine and the mother is 100% Verkerk from Chiel de Wit

3rd bird 17-792 won 6 prizes this season and is bred from topbreedings- and racinghen “New Esmee” paired to a cock from Gebr. Van Hemert (Nieuwendijk). Our 8th bird is bred from the same couple and won earlier 2 topprizes: 25th Pont St Max 11447 bs. and 32th Morlincourt 4125 bs.

4rd bird 17-802 was just paired and won now her 3rd pirze from the season. Her father is a grizzle cock from Bart Verbeek (Poppel) which we get late 2016 and he was paired to superb racinghen “Renate”

5th bird 17-865 wins 6 prizes . From fathers side he is bred from line “Romy” paired to “Little 56” 1st ace middle distance. The mother is the hen we get in front from Quievrain and so a brother to the 1st prize winner from Fontenay.

6th bird 17-835 wins 5 prizes with other topresults: 42th Peronne 4606 bs. and 44th Creil 4118 bs.
He is bred from our new top breedingpair “Goede 83“ x “Romy”

From Quievrain we expected that they will fly 1,5 our and that came true. At 12:25 we clocked 2 pigeons but the 1st one was not registrated in the club on the basketingsystem.
We win now prize 8 again 1229 bd. And with 54 prizes it was a good result because the most hens must lay

1st bird is 15-595 and she won this year 13 prizes. She is bred from the same couple as the 1st prize winner from Fontenay.

2nd bird 15-367 won this year 14 prizes and is bred from a cock from C&B Jansen (Helvoirt) and we bred also from him 5th ace long diatnce Provincial Brabant 2000 and 16th National Chateauroux 37794 bs. Mother is 09-586 and was a top racing hen with a.o. 4th ace long distance Provincial Brabant 2000

Total overview yesterday:
Fontenay-Sur-Eure 432 km
Club 934 bs.: 1,9,19,21,26,27,29,30,38,51,62,67
HVB 1399 bs.: 2,13,24,26,32,33,36,37,48,68
Rayon 4 2717 bs.: 7,22,38,41,50,51,56,57,71
Brabant 2000 9425 bs.: 9,34,57,60,81,88,94,101,135

Quievrain 156 km
Club 1229 bs.: 8,12,16,17,31,35,36,37,49,52,53
HVB 2956 bs.: 24,33,45,46,64,70,71,79,100,104,105
Rayon 4 5881 bs.: 24,33,45,46,64,71,72,81,106,112,113

3730753 fontenay 19-817-373075317-373091517-373079217-373080217-373086517-3730835Quievrain 19-815-182259515-3531367