Today we had our 3rd race of the season from Niergnies 198 km.
They expected very nice weather with blue sky and a head wind so we send our whole team off 128 birds. They liberate at 09:00 am and we expected a speed around 72 km/h so that was around 11:45 for us.
When we hear the first arrivals they must arrive earlier and at 11:39 we get 2 direct out a big group.
Then we must wait a few minutes and then they came very quick .
Finally we won in the club 1st and 2nd prize agains 1408 bs. and with 80 prizes and a prize percentage from 62,5% is was another great result.

We won agains:
1.408 bs.: 1,2,12,14,18,20,27,31,33,34,40,43,44,46,47,84,85,99,100,104,117,119,125,127,128,129 etc.
5913 bs.: 3,5,29,31,38,40,59,65,72,79,96,101,103,105,107,214,215,251,252,258,293,295,306 etc.

As first we clockes 18-229 a yearling hen who won now 3 prizes on 3 raced with 1/1408 and 10/2675 bs., as YB she won 17th NPO. She is bred from “Champ 157” 1.Ace middle distance and bre out of topbreeders “de Reus” and “Jaqueline 370”. Her mother became 2.Ace in the combine and is already mother to 9.National Ace yearling Pipa-Rankings.

2nd bird 18-412 is a yearling cock and is a halfbrother to the 1st prize winner today!!! The father is also “Champ 157” and the mother is “Witpenneke 583” who won 45 prizes (bred out of “Niels” x “Wouwerke 676” direct Bart Verbeek)
3rd bird 18-678 is direct Bart Verbeek Poppel.
4th bird 16-637 she won 34 prizes and is bred from “Blauwe 10” x daughter Goede 83 x Esmee
5th bird 17-767 14 prizes as yearling, the father is direct First Prize pigeons and the mother is a daughter Goede 83 x Esmee.