Tueasday started an auction from 10 pigeons from our loft and we think they are good enough for every loft.
In this auction 3 children from our base-hen and topbreeder “Esmee” , sister “Esmee” and different 1e prize winners in big competition or good racers:
– 1st Creil 6075 bs. (child Esmee)
– 1st St Just Cimetiere 5838 bs.
– 1st Gien 1593 bs. (great-grandchild Esmee)
– 1st St Quentin 4737 bs. (great-grandchild Esmee)
– 1st Roye 2050 bs.
– 4th Golden crack one day long distance Brabant 2000 (grandchild Esmee)
– and a top racing hen with 51 prizes including different very good prizes provincial.
Only disadvantage is that we have result pigeon in many generations and not named pigeons. But we hope the new owners will have a lot of pleasure from these pigeons.