The list with top results on NPO races starts to be a very nice list, last weekens another 3 NPO/intertext mentions!!!
Allready 9x in top 10 this season on NPO races.

1.NPO Montlucon 5509 d. intertext
2.NPO Chateauroux 2558 d. intertext
3.NPO Chateauroux 2558 d. intertext
6.NPO Melun 5317 d. intertext
7.NPO Argenton 2621 d. intertext
8.NPO Melun 5317 d. intertext
9. NPO Melun Prov. 13450 d. intertext
10.NPO Melun 5317 d. intertext
10.NPO Argenton 2621 d. intertext
17.NPO Melun 5317 d.
18.NPO Vierzon 2945 d.
20.NPO Montlucon 5509 d.
22.NPO Argenton 2621 d.
24.NPO Vierzon 2945 d.
24.NPO Chateauroux 2558 d.
26.NPO Montlucon 5509 d.