Last Saturday we had 2 races on the program Peronne (232 km0 and Orelans (459 km).
On Thursday we send 112 youngsters to Orléans and Friday 72 to Peronne.
With the expected wind from North directions it would be nice races only on the last part they would get some rain.
Orleans was liberated 08:30 am and Peronne 09:35 am. And we expected the pigeons 12:40 from Peronne and 14:45 from Orleans.

On Peronne we get 4 pigeons together at 12:39 and the whole team came very fast. At 12:54 we had 50 from 72 in the clock. And between the first 8 pigeons we get the 1st 4 nominated pigeons, so it was wheather for the good pigeons.
We won 15 prizes in the front 1:100 again 5200 bs. and we win 62 prizes and that is SUPERB.

1st bird 16-617 is a yearling who won her 14th prize from the season with 45th NPO Chateauroux 3489 bs. and 55th NPO Argenton 5581 bs. She is bred from a crossing Koopman x Schaerlackens.

2nd bird 16-625 is a granddaughter to “Esmee” and won for the 9th time prize and almost all the last months. The first weeks from the season she wouln’t pair and their no motivation.

3rd bird 16-583 is a SUPER yearling who won for the 18th prize this season. Her father “Niels” won himself 1st Creil 6075 bs. and is bred from “Esmee x Super Ace 10” and the mother came from Bart Verbeek from his best vd Wouwer breedingcock.

4th bird 14-072 was a tophen the last years. This season 14 prizes and she is a granddaughter to “Esmee”.

5th bird 15-301 was our 1st nominated and she now won her 19th prize from the seasonon 20 racesn. Ans with a lot of topprizes. She is bred from top breedinghen “Gertje” direct Gert vd Bogaard and paired to “Henk” direct Henk de Weerd/Interpalomas lofts.

6th bird 16-504 is a top yearling with 18 prizes this season. She is bred fro a Schaerlackens cock paired to a 100% Verkerk hen direct Chiel de Wit.

From Orleans we must wait to long till 15:04 (ca. 10 min. to late) and than we clock 8 pigeons in 2 minutes but we are not happy with the total result.
We won 38 prizes Provincial and that is not bad but we expect more.
Now we they to get them in good condition for the next Orléans.

Below the results::
Club 1045 bs.: 4,6,7,9,14,18,20,22,24,26,27,28,29,30,31
HVB 2524 bs.: 6,8,10,12,18,23,26,28,30,32,36,37,38,39,40
Rayon 4 5200 bs.: 7,11,13,16,23,28,33,35,37,40,45,46,47,49,51,70,71,72,73

Club 760 bs.: 12,16,17,25,26,29,31,32,43,50,51,53,56,59
HVB 1089 bs.: 16,21,22,33,34,38,41,43,60,70,72,75,78
Rayon 4 1983 bs.: 36,42,43,58,59,63,67,69,100,120,122
Brabant 2000 7383 bs.: 102,120,121,170,171,177,189,193

Peronne 2-916-363061716-363062516-363058314-343307215-353130116-36305042