Yesterday we had out 1st YB race from Asse-Zellik 89 km. After some heavy training flights we send 140 and 31 on name from mother Annet. They where liberated early at 08:15 with a NW-wind. At 09:17 we see the first group and we get around 15 out of it quick followed by another group. They didn’t came all quick inside so that must be better the next weeks. We made a SUPERB result with 62 prizes and in Combine Hart van Brabant approx. 1722 bs.: 1,2,3,4,5,8,11,14,16,18,23,25,30 etc.

1st bird 18-308 bred from BASE-BREEDER “Goede 83” paired to “Schipperke” 2nd Provincial ace YB Provincial Brabant 2000

2nd bird 18-284 bred from a good breeding couple “Zbigniew” and “Blauw 71”

3rd bird 18-238 bred from a son National ace “Romy” paired to a daughter from base-couple “Goede 83” and “Esmee”

4th bird 18-228 was my favorite as little one and is a sister to “Romy” so bred from TOP-PAIR “Gertje” and “Wouwer 662” direct Bart Verbeek Poppel.

5th bird 18-315 bred from “Grizzle Bartje” direct Bart Verbeek Poppel paired to 15-429 who won die 2x 1st prize.

On the middle-distance race from Pont St Max 303 km we send 59 birds and they where liberated at 07:30 with a NE-wind turning in Belgium to NW. Our 1st one arrived at 11:25 quick followed by 3 other birds. It became a fast race and we won 34 prizes with in Section approx 2405 bs.: 12,37,39,43,75,80,86,93,121,138,169,191,204 etc.

1st bird 17-970 is a top yearling this season she won 11 prizes with a.o.: 7th 2282 bs., 8th 4765 bs., 12th 2405 bs., 15th 1037 bs., 20th 5200 bs., 30th 2955 bs., 91th 5347 bs., She is bred from TOPBREEDER “Goede 83” paired to nationale ace “Romy”

The final race of the day was a long distance race fro Montlucon 606 km and we send 54 birds. The where liberated at 06:45 for a heavy race home!! Our 1st one arrived 15:25 and won the second in the club only 20 seconds ather clubmember Andrer Klerken who won the 1st prize with a 50% Stabel-bird (won earlier 2nd NPO Issoudun). Finnaly we win 20 prizes with in the section approx 1046 bs.: 10,38,42,48,57,60,62,75,76,87 etc.

1st bird 17-843 wins now 3 prizes from 3 long distance races and that on 3 very heavy races. The father is “Grizzle 61” direct Bart Verbeek Poppel paired to a daughter from BASE-PAIR “Goede 83” and “Esmee”

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