5,7,10,13,14,36,40,47 Provincial Pont St Max 12280 bs.!!
5th Provincial A.J.M.J. van Abeelen is a direct Stabel, bred form brother Esmee!!

Today we had a race from Pont St Max 303 km.
We send almost the whole team including our long distance pigeons who had a heavy race last week, we send in total 110 and we expected a liberation in the afternoon.
Finally they liberate at 13:45 and we expected the, around 17:15. Exxact on that time we get 1 direct back from the north which we clocked at 17:16, quick followed bij 4 other pigeons.
They came fast and we made a SUPERB results with Provincial approx 12280 bs.:
5,7,10,13,14,36,40,47,75,96,111,128,189,190,198,262,265,274,285,289,295,305,310,314,327 and 65 prizes!!

1st bird was 17-823 who won as YB 7 prizes and won the last 4 weeks prize.
She is a crossing son “Esmee x “Super ace 10” paired to “ sister Romy” so also this week a pigeon in front from our toplines.

2nd bird was 16-624 won as yearling 14 prizes and this season 6 prizes. She is bred from a cock direct Comb. van Wanrooij Geffen paired to a daughter from our toppair “Goede 83 x Esmee”.

3rd bird was 17-923 won her 4th prize of the season with earlier 8th 6373 bs. Zhe is bred fro 18th National Chateauroux paired to a daughetr from “Limogeske” (Esmee line).

4th bird 16-637 won allready 8 prizes. She is bred from topbreeder “Blauwe 10” paired to a daughter from toppair “Goede 83 x Esmee”.

5th bird 17-872 is the first cock and won this season 5x prize with last week 44th 3828 bs.
He is bred from “son Romy” paired to a daughter from toppair “Goede 83 x Esmee”

AGAIN a lot of Esmee blood which make the topresults!!!

pont 2-617-373082316-363062417-373092316-363063717-3730872