Yesterday we had our last long distance race from Limoges and we finished with 3rd and 9th NPO!!
And we won the 1st championships from whole Brabant 2000 on long distance.

We expected a very heavy race with north wind and high temperatures. The distance to Goirle was 684 km and they were liberated 07:45 am.
We send 30 pigeons which were in top condition and between them almost all our best pigeons.

At 17:58 after a flight from more than 10 our we clocked our 1st pigeon and and that was the 1st mentioned pigeons in our club.
Our first nominated pigeon we clock at 18:01 and 5e minutes we clock our 2nd nominated pigeon.
Finally we had some nice pigeons in the front on this NPO race with 3rd, 9th, 17th, 27th en 39th agains 2640 pigeons.

In the championships we made also SUPERB results on the long distance with:
1st nominated and 1st non-nominated in club
1st loft-champion Union Rayon 4
1st loft-champion Brabant 2000 (1625 members)

Our 1st pigeon was “14-013” daughter from “Frankie” direct Comb. Van Huijgevoort paired to a daughter from “Esmee x Super Ace 10”.
Breeding of these pigeons races very well on the long distance. The 013 won this year:
3rd NPO Limoges 2640 p.
36th NPO Issoudun 7275 p.
164th NPO La Souterraine 3694 p.
271th NPO Bourges 4464 p.
4th ace-pigeon long distance club
6th ace-pigeon Union Rayon 4
26th ace-pigeon Afdeling Brabant 2000

Our 2nd pigeons is superb racer “Renate” bred by Ad Versluis from a cockj from him paired to a hen from us (from “Henk” (direct Interpalomas lofts Henk de Weerd) x sister “Esmee”).
As yearling she was the fastest from the liberation from Creil 8292 p. and in 2015 she was 8th NATIONAL ace pigeon autumn races and won on the long distance 87th, 112th en 179th NPO.
This season she won on the long distance:
8e NPO Issoudun 7275 p.
9e NPO Limoges 2640 p.
65e NPO Chateauroux 3828 p.
3th ace-pigeon long distance club
4th ace-pigeon Union Rayon 4
13th ace-pigeon Afdeling Brabant 2000

Our 3rd pigeon was “14-454” is also a crossing. Cock is from Corne Janssen uit Helvoirt paired to a daughter from “Esmee x Goede 83”.
She became 7th ace-pigeon short distance Combine Union Rayon 4 and on the long distance she won:
17e NPO Limoges 2640 p.
44e NPO Chateauroux 3828 p.
55e NPO Issoudun 7275 p.
191e NPO La Souterraine 3694 p.
205e NPO Bourges 4464 p.
1th ace-pigeon long distance club
2th ace-pigeon Union Rayon 4
5th ace-pigeon Brabant 2000

The 5th pigeon was a yearling “15-372” she won 4 prizes from 4 long distance races with:
33e NPO Bourges 4464 p.
39e NPO Limoges 2640 p.
82e NPO La Souterraine 3694 p.
131e NPO Chatearoux 3228 p.
2th ace-pigeon long distance club
3th ace-pigeon Union Rayon 4
8th ace-pigeon Brabant 2000
She is bred from “Frankie” direct van Comb. Van Huijgevoort paired to superb racing hen “New Esmee (daughetr van “Esmee x Goede 83).

Below the results from Limoges:
Club 144 p.: 1,2,3,4,7,12,13,14,16,20,32 and 11 prizes from 30
Rayon 4 686 p.: 2,6,8,11,16,30,33,34,42,53 and 15 prizes
Brabant 2000 2640 p.: 3,9,17,27,39,90,99,100,118 and 17 prizes

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