The honourings from the different combines are in full swing and next week on the National days in Houten we will be honored for the 2nd National champiochips nominated long distance.
And we now have every week a show or sales from lots in different clubs in our area.

Todat where the Pipa-rankings yearlings publiced and we get the 9th place with “Annemiek” who became also 1e ace-pigeon autumn races in  Combine Hart van Brabant.
Father is “Fast 21” which we sold last season on Pipa and is now on a loft in Taiwan. The grandfather is topracer “de Reus” and grandmother is a 100% Koopman-pigeon from our Polish friend Zbigziew Dyk.
The mothet became 2nd ace-pigeon autumn races in combine Hart van Brabant and is bred from our good breeder “Frankie” (father  3rd NPO Limoges 2016 and 6th Gouden crack long distance Brabant 2000 in 2016) and mother is from our own strain and is a granddaughter tot Esmee.

We are also short till the start of season 2017.
The racers are still moulting a lot but the breeders are ready to pair the 25th of Novembre. We will pair 60 pairs including 20-25 couples to lay under the 1st round of the breeders

At this moment there are 2 sales from lots from us for 2 youngsters for each lot:
The lots we gave to:
Pv de Witpen Hapert:
NPO t.b.v. nationale dagen:
jaarling Pipa

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