Today we had the middle distance race from Sens 390 km and we send a team of 102 birds.
Liberated at 07:15 with very good condition so we expected a speed around 90 km/h.
Our 1st bird arrived at 11:43 and then they came very well. We started with the 18th prize 2908 birds and with 57 prizes (56%) we made a good result. They are not in top form at this moment so we try to get them better the next weeks.

Approx 2908 bs.: 18,26,49,51,70,75,89,94,98,116,135,137,142,143,150,189,248,251,255,256 etc.

As first arrived 17-970 “New Romy” our tophen as yearling with 8.National Ace yearlings Pipa-Rankings. She is bred from top birds “Goede 83” x “ Romy”. In season 2019 she won already 7 prizes on 9 races with 18/2908, 35/2500 and 39/2675.

The 2nd bird is 17-915 who raced well on long distance with 28th,34th, 67th, 76th and 118th NPO. She is bred from “Ace 642” paired to a 100% Verkerk direct Chiel de Wit.
The 3rd bird B18-978 is direct from Bart Verbeek and she won earlier this season the 29th 5913 bs.
As 4th arrived 16-617 ”Little Queen” who raced well the last years and in season 2019 she won 7 prizes. She is bred from Koopman Cock “Zbigniew” paired to a 100% Schaerlackens hen we get from our friend Tony Hesketh.