And a nice list of championships won after the last race:
1st over-all champion Combine Hart van Brabant (12th year in a row)
1st over-all champion in club (27th year in a row)
1st loft-champion late tour Section Union Rayon 4 and Combine Hart van Brabant
1e ace-pigeon late tour Section Union Rayon 4 and Combine Hart van Brabant with 15-301 “Super 301”
1st Allround Super Crack in the club with 16-721 “Liesbeth” (best on all races)

Yesterday we had our last race of the season from Pont St Max 303 km. They expected good weather in the morning so we send a big team of 137 birds. A lot of fanciers stopped racing already some weeks back but we keep motivated till the last race and we work harder to keep them motivated.
The liberation was at 08:45 and with the SW-wind we expected the around 11:40.
11:37 we get 4 pigeons together from the wrong direction and they came down well but didn’t go on the trap. We start clocking at 11:38 and then they came very fat and we clocked 96 in 12 minutes.
Finally we won Provincial 96 prizes and that is a nice percentage of 70%.
Provincial we win approx 6215 bs.: 12,14,16,20,21,22,23,25,29,30,31,39,41,47,66,68,69,71,72,74,77,79,83,85,90,117,119,123,130,135,
153,165,177,179,185,192,207,208,219 etc.

1st bird 16-504 is a tophen with 21 prizes this year and as yearling she won 19 prizes.
She is bred from a direct cock from Ad Schaerlaeckens and the mother is a 100% Verkerk from Chiel de Wit (Zuid Scharwoude).

Below some of our best pigeons explaned!!

“Super 301” 15-301 is a SUPERB racign hen who won 65 prizes in 4 seasons and this year 21 prizes. She became 1st ace-pigeon late tour Section Union Rayon 4.
In total she won 13 prizes in the first 1%.
She is bred from topbreeder “Henk” direct Interpalomas loft Henk de Weerd and mother is breeding sensation “Gertje” direct Gert vd Bogaard.

“Liesbeth” 16-721 is out topper in 2018 with 23 prizes on 24 races and she became Allround Super Crack in our club on all races. She won Provincial o.a. 2.Morlincourt 17537 bs., 5.NPO Chateauroux 1303 bs., 68.NPO Chateauroux 3431 bs., 77.Morlincourt 9778 bs., 80.Morlincourt 16345 bs.
She is bred from a direct cock of Ad Schaerlaeckens and mother is top breedinghen “Esmee 212”
(Esmee x Super Ace 10).

“Super 970” 17-970 is our best yearling with 20 prizes with sensational 9x in first 1%!!! She won o.a.: 8.Quievrain 4765 bs., 12.Quievrain 4414 bs., 12.Pont St Max 2405 bs., 13.Peronne 2463 bs., 22.Pont St Max 6215 bs., 45.Quievrain 5106 bs., 49.Morlincourt 9778 bs.,112.Morlincourt 17537 bs., 157e Nat. Gien 23171 bs.
She is bred from our base-breeder “Goede 83” (last week father 1st NPO Orleans) paired to National ace-pigeon “Romy”

Pont 22-916-3630504 201815-3531301363072117-3730970