Just we get the result middle distance Provincial Brabant 2000 (1550 members), also Superb results:
4th nominated middle dist.
5th ace-pigeon middle dist. with 15-3531452
10th non-nominated middle dist.
20th ace-pigeon middle dist. with  15-3531301
26th ace-pigeon middle dist. with  16-3630583

The hen 15-452 we also send yesterday to the NATIONAL Chateauroux and she won another nice result: 170e NPO 3489 d.
That was her 16 prize on 16 races.

Yesterday we had also our 3rd youngsters race from Peronne and with the ZO_Z-wind it would be a fast race.All our pigeon came from the north but we made a nice result 3,14,19 agains 4606 bs.
And with 58 prizes from 139 we send it was a good result

Just as from Chateauroux we get 2 pigeons from our “Esmee”line in front.
1st bird 17-882 was a hen which was breeding for a week now. We bred her from a cock which we bought last winter from  A Smits Zundert and the mother was 14-013 “Limogeske” who became yesterday 1st Champion in clun on long distance.

2nd bird 17-827 is bred from “Jackie” who is a sister to “Esmee” and she was paired to a cock from Ad Schaerlaeckens.

Below the result on  Peronne:
Club 1424 bs.: 2,6,10,17,18,21,22,23,25,30,31,33,36,37,44,45
HVB 2428 bs.: 2,6,10,21,22,31,32,34,37,46,48,51,58
Rayon 4 4606 bs.: 3,14,19,42,44,68,70,72,86,131,137,140

Peronne 17-3730882 17-3730827