Last saturday we had our 5th short distance race from Peronne 232km. The expected weather was not very good and it was not sure they would be liberated.
The weather was saturdaymorning better than expected and they could be liberated at 09:15 so our 129 pigeons could go home.
We expected a speed from above 100km/our and with a tailwind and some rain on the way back it could be a strange race.
At 11:31 we get one from the wrong direction. She finally won the 7th again 2963 bs.
And with 55 prizes (43%) we must be happy with the result.
Our 1st bird 17/951 won her 3rd prize from the season. She is from fatherside a granddaughter from topbreeders “Goede 83” and “Esmee 212”.
Mother is “Miss Quievrain” with 1st Quievrain 777 bs.
2nd bird was our yearling 17/970 who race superb in 2018 with 5 prizes from 5 races and 8th 4765, 12th 4414 and 30th 2963.
She is bred from topbreeder “Goede 83” x “Romy” 1e nationale asduif.
The result from yesterday:
HVB 2963 bs.: 7,30,38,40,41,56,88,100,153,159,165,168,193,198,219,229,230,241

peronne 28-417373095117-3730970