Today we had 2 races on the program, and the expected weather was very good.
The first race was from Peronne 232 km and we send 78 birds. The liberation was at 08:30 am with a ENE-wind.
Our first bird we get at 11:27 direct from the good direction but she lost time with flying and sitting on the loft. After the first one we get a gap but then they came very well.
In the Section we won finally 66 prizes what is a very high prize percentage from 85%.
In Combine Hart van Brabant we won approx 2477 bs.: 3,13,20,32,46,69,74,77,78,85,103,113,126,143,146,147,152,158 etc. in combination with the high prize percentage a good result.

1st bird 16-700 won as yearling 17 prizes and this year se won 14 prizes.
She is daughter to “Niels” who won 1st Creil approx 6075 bs. and is a son to base breedinghen “Esmee” paired to “Super Ace 10”.
The mother is a 100% van de Wouwer from Bart Verbeek (Poppel).

2nd bird 17-970 is a superb yearling with 17 prizes with 7x in first 1% with a.o.: 8/4765 bs., 12/4414 bs., 12/2405 bs., 13/2477 bs., 45/5106 bs., 112/17537 bs. and 157/23171 bs.
That she raced like this is not special when you watch her pedigree!!! Father is base breeder “Goede 83” and mother is “Romy” 1st National Ace.

3rd bird 18-308 won his 6th prize of the season with already: 1/1772 bs., 3/3617 bs., 20/2477 bs., 40/3111 bs.
The parents are 2 TOP birds!!! Father is base breeder “Goede 83” paired to “Schipperke 2nd Provincial ace YB.

Op the National race Gien 459 km we send 94 YB. They where not in a top form the last weeks. They where liberated at 08:30 with a NE-wind. We expected them around 15:00 with with the first mentioned it would be earlier. At 14:53 we get one from the NE-direction and then there when some gaps. Our first bird won finnaly a nice 17th NPO 3880 bs. but with 22 prizes it was nog a good results from us. Now we go to try to get them in top form for the last Yb-race from Orleans.
In the Section we win approx. 927 bs.: 3,13,18,27,28,29,39,49,57,77,80,94,95 etc.

1st bird 18-229 Is a small good handling hen which won her 3x prize of the season. The father is “Champ 157” who became 1st ACE middle distance and the mother “Het 934” became 3rd ace in the Section.

2nd bird 18-330 is a hen on eggs who won her 5th prize of the season. The father is direct Comb van Wanrooij Geffen and the mother is a daughter to absolute Base hen “Esmee” paired to “Super Ace 10”.

Peronne 1-916-3630700 (2)17-373097018518130818-518122918-5181330