Another Top weekend!!! Morlincourt with 85% prize percentage!!!

Yesterday we had 1 race on the program from Morlincourt 260 km!! We only send our old hens in total 67. The liberation was at 08:30 and with a S-SW wind they must make a speed above 100km/h.
We get our 1st at 10:58 and then a few minute wait and then they came fast but all back from the north. In 25 minutes they were all home.
The old one did superb with 57 prizes provincial so an prize percentage from 85 % and also the 16th Provincial 16345 bs.
In the section we won approx. 4673 bs.: 8,28,57,73,84,106,131,151,157,158,222,227,235,253,260,359,376,402,411,412,419,422,437 etc. Now we hope they will continue or better when they get YB in the nest!!

1st bird 16-617 won as yearling 15 prizes and ths year at the moment 13. She won this year a.o.:: 8/4673, 36/2282, 46/2463, 153/17537 bs.
She is a daughter to topbreeder “Zbigniew” a 100% Koopman direct L Dyk Poland.
The mother is “Kleine AS” 100% Schaerlaeckens from English friend Tony Hesketh.

2nd bird 16-721 is the topper from this season with 21 prizes on 22 races in the Section!!!
She won this year a.o.: 2/17537, 5/1303 NPO, 8/1449, 16/16345, 17/1798, 38/5106 bs.
Father is a direct Ad Schaerlaeckens and the mother is topbreedinghen “Esmee 212”.

3rd bird 16-598 won as yearling 1st Creil 7034 bs. Provincial and this season she won 11 prizes.
She is a daughter to “De Reus” paired to “Jaqueline 370”. Both good breeders.

Morlincourt 8-916-3630617363072116-3630598