Yesterday we had only 1 race from Quievrain 156 km. We send all our racing pigeons in total 206 bs.
After a late liberation at 10:30 our the came superb.
At 12:23 we get 5 pigeons together but they came a little bit to much from the west so a 1st prize was not possible. Ather that they came superb with 147 bs. in 12 minutes.

The final results was 147 prizes agains 7917 bs.: 8,10,11,12,13,26,28,29,32,33 etc. 21 prizes 1:100.

In our first birds is a lot of Esmee-blood.
1st bird 17-747 won 4 prizes the last 4 weeks and het is bred from “Niels” (son Esmee x Super ace 10) who himself won 1st Creil 6075 bs. and he was paired to a Polish 100% Koopman pigeons from Zbigziew Dyk.

2nd bird 17-820 won 6 prizes this season from 8 races. He is bred from topbreeder “Yellow Eye” paired to a daughter from “Esmee x Goede 83”

3rd bird 17-833 is our “witte” which we bred from a Bart Verbeek cock which we get last year (strain Gaston vd Wouwer x Marcel Wouters) and he was paired to super racing hen “Renate”.

4th bird 17-882 won earlier a 3rd Peronnen 4606 bs. and she is bred from “Limogeske” (tophen with 3rd NPO Limoges and ace pigeon long distance this year) bred from “Frankie x Esmee 212”. The father we bought last winter at the sale from Gerard van Hassel and is direct Andre Smits from Zundert.

5th bird 17-823 won 4 prizes and is bred from a son “Esmee x Super ace 10” paired to a sister from tophen “Romy”

The crossing Esmee-line a Romy-line gave this year very good results!!
Below the result from Quievrain:
Club 1936 bs.: 7,9,10,11,12,18,19,20,23,24,26,27,28,29,30,33,37,38,39,41
HVB 4031 bs.: 8,10,11,12,13,22,24,25,28,29,31,32,36,37,38,41,45,46,47,49
Rayon 4 7917 ns.: 8,10,11,12,13,26,28,29,32,33,35,36,41,42,43,46,51,52,53

So another top weekend and I hope 3 more will come.

Quievrain 26-817-3730747 17-3730820 17-3730833 17-373088217-3730823