Yesterday was our 4th middle distance race from Creil 312 km and the first training for the younsters with the Section.
We expected a easy race so we send all our old ones to Creil and we send our early younsgters to Duffel 60 km.
On totalwe send 93 old ones and 116 youngters.

The pigeons from Creil where liberated ar 08:30 am with a wind from west direction. So we expected early pigeons in our area.
At 12:28 we get a pigeon direct from the good direction and went direct on the trapp. So we expected it was a early one and the other ones came also very quick.
Proviancial we won agains 9489 bs.:7,18,21,28,48,49,50 and 72 prizes!!!!!!

Our 1st pigeon was a hen 15-398 which won this year 12 prizes fropm 12 races including 2 long distance races.
She is bred from a brotehr to super breedinghen “Esmee” paired to a crossing W van Wanrooij x Schaerlackens.

2nd one was 16-677 the we get in the front from Argenton last week with 32th NPO 5581 bs. and now she won 18th 9489 bs.
She is a crossing from good racer “Alberto” paired to a 100% G&S Verkerk hen fro Chiel de Wit.

3rd one was our topper on short/middle distance the 15-301 who won 12 prizes on 12 races with many topprizes:
16th 3361 bs., 21th 9489 bs., 27th 5205 bs., 44th 5410 bs., 56th 1962 bs., 70th 2193 bs. and 75th 4662 bs.
She is a halfsister to “Romy” so she is bred from “Gertje” from Gert vd Bogaard paired to “Henk” direct Interpalomas Lofts Henk de Weerd.

4th was “Renate” also a top racing hen who won allready 8th national ace-pigeon and 8th and 9th NPO on long distance.
She is bred by Ad Versluis from a cock fromm him and a hen from us (from “Henk” Interpalomas Lofs paired to a sister from “Esmee”

The youngsters where liberated at 10:00 am and they came superb in 1 minute we had 44 on the clock and in 5 min. 90, so it was a superb 1st training.

Total result from yesterday:
Club 788 bs.: 5,12,13,16,20,21,22,37,42,43,45,47
HVB 1450 bs.: 5,13,15,19,23,24,25,46,51,52,54,56,64,67
Rayon 4 2821 bs.: 5,15,17,23,31,32,33,60,69,70,73,75
Brabant 2000 9489 bs.: 7,18,21,28,48,49,50,116,141,144,150 (72 prizes)

creil15-3531398 16-3630677 15-3531301 13-3328711 Renate