2nd NPO Issoudun for clubmember Andre Klerken with a 50% Stabel pigeon!!!!!
Esmee bloodline raced superb on these heavy races.

Clubmember Andre Klerken made a sensational result on our side of the Province with 2nd NPO Issoudun 7184 bs.
Nice for is the reference that this pigeon is bred from 16-1638625 which is direct Stabel (from son Goede 83 x Esmee paired to topbreedinghen “Anna”).
The expected weather was very heavy for our pigeon with an East wind and temepratures from 28 degrees. We send 78 birds to Pont St Max (303 km) and 45 to Issoudun (554 km).
Pont St Max was released at 08:30 and we expected them around 12:45. We get our 1st one from the wrong direction at 12:59 and quick followed by our 2nd bird.
We won approx. 1799 bs.: 2,8,17,20,37,41 and in total 37 prizes what was a good result.
1e bird was 17-820 a yearling cok with allready a 1st prize this year. Last week he came hom e Sunday morning but with this result on a heavy race he proved that he is a good racer. He won this season 7 prizes with: 1/1063 d., 2/1799, 13/6373, 63/2562. He is bred from topbreeder “Yellow Eye” paired to a daughter from “Goede 83” x “Esmee”
2e bird was 16-627 who won as yearling 18 prizes with many in the head of the results and now she won her 6th prize of the season. Last week she was also our 2nd pigeon. She is bred in co-breeding: father is from Jan van Huijgevoort and he was 1st Provincial ace middle distance and mother is “Esmee 212”.
3e bird was 16-721 who won as yearling 16 prizes and this season 9 from 9 races with a.o.:. 2/17350, 17/1799, 54/2282, 56/2562. She is bred from a direct Ad Schaerlaeckens cock paired to “Esmee 212” (daughter Esmee x Super Ace 10).
She 2nd race was the strongest with 554 km and a temperature from 28 degrees. At 15:12 we clocked our 1st bird quick followed by the 2nd one. These 2 are both bred from children “Frankie” and “Esmee 212”!!!
Finally we won 12,13,20,28,40,44 etc. approx 1675 bs. and 23 prizes so that was 50% prize percentage!!
1e bird 16-654 get better the last raced after a bad start but because her long distance breeding we send her and that was a good choice. She is bred from a son to “Frankie x Esmee 212” paired to top racinghen “Topperke 166”.
2e bird 16-554 won as yearling 4 prizes on 5 long distance races and now started very well on long distance. She is bred from a brother to breeding sensation “Esmee” paired to “Limogeske” 3rd NPO Limoges and daughter “Frankie x Esmee 212”.
The result from today:
Pont St Max 1799 bs.: 2,8,17,20,37,41,52,54,56,57,64,70,72,74 and 35/78
Issoudun 1675 bs.: 12,13,20,28,40,44,64,76,87,116,118,123,146 and 23/45

16-1638625pont 26-517-373082016-36306273630721issoudun16-363065416-3630554