The moment of the day for us was the 2nd and 6th Provincial Melun 7174 bs. for clubmember A van Abeelen. It are nestmates which he bred for a hen he get from us.
The mother won herself this year 6th Provincial Pont St Max 12470 bs. She is bred from a brother to base-hen “Esmee”.

On our own loft we had 2 races. The first race was from Quievrain 156 km and we send 76.
The where liberated at 08:45 and with a SW-wind we expected a speed around 100 km/h.
Our 1st on came at 10:21 but would come inside so now we clocked our 2nd one first. After these they came very fast and finally we won in the Section 64 prizes with approx 5960 bs.: 22,40,45,50,53,57,59,60,62,63,65,93,105,134,143,161,168,224,225,235,256,300,302 etc. With a prize percentage from 84 % we are very happy!!

1st bird 17-798 get home wounded earlier this season and she made a new start last week. Last week she won a prize and now she wins 22th approx 5960 d.. The father is topbreeder “Henk” direct Interpalomas lofts Henk de Weerd and mother is 2nd Provincial ace YB “Schipperke”.

2rd bird 18-307 is a hen which started racing again on this race. Earlier she won on Asse Zellik 11th 1772 bs. She is also bred from “Schipperke” and she was paired to base-breeder “Goede 83”.

On the race from Melun 366 km we send 115 YB. These where liberated at 07:45 and we get 6 together at 11:49 (1 from Annet) back from the north and we clocked them at 11:50. After that they didn’t came well and that was on the most lofts.
Provincial we made a nice serie 7174 bs.: 10,17,18,23,24,53,80,83,101,110,132,162,163,182,263,307,324,331,346,427,430,457,468,469 etc.
And finally we won 40 prizes.

1st bird 18-338 is a good YB and she won her 6th prize of the season with: 3rd 3111 bs., 10th 7174 bs., 25th 1772 bs. She is bred from a brother (won 1st Orleans) from Nationale Ace “Romy” paired to a daughter from base-hen “Esmee” with “Super Ace 10”.

2nd bird 18-671 won her 4th prize ot the season and we get her form clubmember Jan Theuns.

Pont St Max 18-818-5181338Quievrain 18-817-373079818-5181307