Yesterday we had our 1st middle distance race from Melun 366 km.
We send a team from 116 pigeons only some wounded pigeons stay home.
They expected not very good weather on Thursday but we where lucky and the weather was good enough to liberate them at 07:30 am.
We expect a speed from 100 km/h with the south-west wind.
At 11:08 we get a widower from the wrong direction but he didn’t lose any second to get on the trap. We  get our second one at 11:11 and the first 10 minutes didn’t arrive many pigeons.
For us it was another good result with Provincial agains 18342 bs. the prizes 8 and 27!!!!!
We won in section Union Rayon 4 in total 69 prizes so almost 60%.
The 2 first pigeons are bred from the same hen “Esmee 212” (daughter base-hen Esmee).
The 1st pigeons she was paired to a cock from Ad Schaerlackens (get him from our friend Tony Hesketh).
The 2nd was a hen who won also last week the 5th Section agains 5600 bs. she is bred from co-breeding with the 1st Provincial ace middle distance from Jan van Huijgevoort from Tilburg.
Below the result on Melun:
Club 1252 bs.: 2,4,9,18,36,38,41,46,59,61,62,67,72
Combine HVB 2235 bs.: 2,4,9,19,44,50,54,61,81,85,87,93,98
Section Rayon 4 4662 ns.: 2,5,16,33,75,81,87,96,128,136
We no that we have a strong club to play but that the won the 1st 16 prizes is out-standing!!!
melun 13-5 16-363072216-3630627