Today we had our 2nd race of the season from Quievrain 156 km.
A lot off fancier keep there pigeon home because the cold weather and headwind. We send our whole racingteam of 130 birds.
The liberate at 10:45 and we expected that they would fly around 70km/h.
At 12:52 we get one from the good direction which came direct down, quick followed by a group of 5 and they keep coming close.
Finally we won the 4th prize agains 3161 birds and in total 68 prizes which is 52%.

We won agains 3.161 bs.: 4,13,15,17,20,27,41,42,43,75,95,105,114,132,148,154,155,164,203,205,209,223,224 etc.

As first we clocked the 18-228 which is a full sister to “Romy” so she is bred from “Gertje” x “Wouwer 662”. She won as YB 8 prizes and became 1st Ace Sprint YB and in Combine and Section 2nd Ace!!!

2nd bird 17-748 won as yearling a 1st prize and some other results in the front. Father is “Niels” who won 1st Creil 6.075 bs. (bred from “Super Ace 10” x “Esmee”) and the mother is 100% Koopman from Zbigniew Dyk.
3rd bird 17-810 raced very well as yearling and won in 2019 2 very good prizes 15th 3.161 bs. and 43th 2.675 bs. She is bred from a son to “Super Ace 10” x “Esmee” and the mother is direct Bart Verbeek and is a crossing G vd Wouwer x B&N van Oeckel.
4th bird 18-351 is a full sister to“Romy” and is bred from “Gertje” x “Wouwer 662”, she won on the 2 raced from season 2019: 9th 2.675 bs. and 17th 3.161 bs.
5th bird 18-301 won 2 very good prizes in 2019: 20th 3.161 bs. and 46th 2.675 bs. The father is direct Hok Reijnen-Bolton and the mother is a daughter to “Super Ace 10” x “Esmee”.

Quievrain 13-418-518122817-373074817-373081018-5181351