A later report this week because I was busy!!
Saterday we had a race from Quievrain 156 km and they where liberated at 11:15 am with very good weather. With the expected wind from the south we tought that we couldn’t make prizes in the front of the list in our Section.
Our first pigeons arrived to much from the west and later on more from the north. But these still where pigeons in the front with in our section with 9,11,30,32 again 4414 bs.
And with 59 prizes from the 127 we send we made a good results (1:4)
Our 1st bird 17-804 is a crossing Bart Verbeek (Geerinckx) x a daughter from our base pair “Esmee x Goede 83”
This cock won as YB allready 7 prizes and last week he won also his prize.
The 2nd one was 17-970 and she is a daughetr from basebreeder “Goede 83” paired to “Romy” 1st National ace pigeon.
She won as non-darkness YB 5 prizes with 30th Peronne 5200 bs. and last week she won also a nice prize.
The total Result:
Club 1343 d.: 4,6,14,16,24,27,29,30,32,33,42,49
HVB 2282 d.: 5,7,17,19,30,33,36,38,41,42,54,64
Rayon 4 4414 d.: 9,11,30,32,57,60,63,68,71,72,116,135