Many fanciers dream to win one time the provincial in there carreer and we win 2 times in 1 weekend.

The expected weather was not so good for Saturday but they could liberate Saturday morning in Orléans 08:45 am and Creil 12:00 pm. We send 105 youngsters to Orléans and 66 old ones to Creil.
At 13:54 we get a pigeon from Orléans direct from the good direction and quick followed by another 2. The 1st one didn’t came inside directly but we clocked her 1st and we win 1st, 2nd and 8th NPO Provincial Brabant 2000 agains 5110 bs.
And with 52 prizes it was a superb result.

1s bird 17-928 we send on her 1st round off eggs with this superb result. Father is a direct from Ad Schaerlaeckens and the mother is TOP breedinghen “Jackie” who is a sister to Esmee.
Her nestsister won at the loft of Harrie Kennes the 7e NPO.

2nd bird 17-841 is a full sister to racing sensation “Romy”. So bred from a 100% Gaston de Wouwer cock direct Bart Verbeek paired to “Gertje” direct Gert vd Bogaard.

3rd bird 17-888 is a TOPPER. He bcame 1st ace middle distance YB in Section Union Rayon 4 and won a.o.:
8th 5110 bs., 25th 11447 bs., 32th 4125 bs., 51th 8028 bs., 58th 2717 bs. and 67th 1983 bs.
He is bred from “New Esmee” (daughter Esmee x Goede 83) paired to a cock from Gebr. van Hemert Nieuwendijk. From this couple we bred also the 17-792 and was 2nd ace-pigeon YB Combine Hart van Brabant.

In 9 from our top 10 arriving bird is the blood from TOP BREEDINGHEN “Esmee”.

Creil was a late liberation because the weather in that area and it became not a fast race like Orléans
At 15:26 pm we get 2 pigeons together and than we get a gap from 5 minutes. Finaly we had the 2 fastest pigeons from the liberation agains 7034 bs. and with 50 prizes it became a SUPERB results on the last race from the season!!!

1st bird 16-598 is a yearling who won 14 prizes this season with this 1st prize as finish!!!
The is bred from “de Reus” who was a superb racer and breeder. Mother “Jacqueline 370” is a very good breeding hen. “Jacqueline 370” is bred from “Lichte 530” the grandfather to Esmee paired to “Jacqueline” direct Interpalomas Loft H de Weerd.

2nd bird 16-649 is also a yearling who won the 12th prize from the season. Her father is 100% Schaerlaeckens direct from our English friend Tony Hesketh. The mother is a sister to breeding sensation “Esmee”

Finaly is was another TOP season with a sensational finish.

Results from the last races on 16-09-2017:
Club 587 bs.: 1,2,7,13,16,19,20,21,22,23,28,32
HVB 913 bs.: 1,2,7,16,19,22,23,24,25,26,31
Rayon 4 1570 bs.: 1,2,8,19,22,25,27,28,29,30,36,41
Brabant 2000 5110 bs.: 1,2,8,30,37,40,43,44,45,47,60,67

Club 616 bs.: 1,2,12,14,17,18,21,22,24,25,26,27,29,31
HVB 1105 bs.: 1,2,15,18,22,23,26,31,33,38,39,40,42
Rayon 4 2115 bs.: 1,2,17,21,31,32,39,45,48,54,55,56
Brabant 2000 7034 bs.: 1,2,19,24,52,43,60,71,86,97,98,101

Orleans 16-09-2017Orleans 16-9Creil 16-917-373092817-373084117-373088816-363059816-3630649