Yesterday we had the last 2 races of the season Pont St Max 303 km and Orleans 459 km. We send 69 to Pont St Max and 81 to Orleans.
With nice weather with blue sky and a NE-wind it would be a nice races so a good test for the YB-team.
From Pont St Max arrived the first bird at 13:07 and after that they came well. We won the 6th prize 2062 bs. and in total 56 prizes so a percentage of 81%!
From Orelans we get our first one at 15:25 quick followed by another 2. In the club we won 1,2,4 and Provincial NPO 10,21,23. So we finished the season with 10 intertext mentions on the NPO races.
And with 41 prizes it was a very good result.

Orleans 1.078 bs.: 2,3,5,20,22,23,33,37,41,45,48,52,61,63,64,65,72,76,77 etc.
Pont St Max 2.062 bs.: 6,17,40,47,59,66,74,76,80,92,94,96,101,103,105,106,121,122,123,124,125,129 etc.

1st bird 19-081 won 8 prizes and 4 times in first 1%. The father is a borther to “Romy” and the mother is “Liesbeth” the topracer from 2018.
2nd bird 19-122 won 5 prizes. The father is direct Bart Verbeek (halfbrother to his 1st National Chateauroux) and the mother is a sister to “Esmee”.
3rd bird 19-104 direct from clubmember Max Benton and she raced very well this season with 9 prizes and she became 1. Ace middle distance YB in Section.

Pont St Max:
1st bird 18-453 won 17 prizes this season. The father is topbreeder “Goede 83” paired to “Schipperke”. So she is a sister to the 1e NPO Orleans 2018.
2rd bird 18-365 is bred from a son to “Goede 83” x “Romy” and the mother is top breedinghen “Jaqueline 370”
3rd bird 16-637 won this season 13 prizes with a couple of time in the front. The father is good breeder “Blauwe 10” and the mother is “Laat Esmee” daughter to base couple “Goede 83xEsmee”.