Last Saturday we had 2 races from Argenton (606km) and Sens (390 km). On Thursday we decided to sens 35 bs. to Argenton and 61 to Sens.
They looked nice and and we expectet a good result. The birds from Argenton where liberated at 07:00 am en Sens 07:30 am.

We expected the pigeons around 11:45 and at 11:50 the 1st one sarrived from the north so not the side to win the race. In Combine Hart van Brabant we won 4th an d8th prize again 1178 bs. and in total 28 prizes so that was good.

Our 1st bird is a yearling cock 16-638 and he is a grandson from base-hen “Esmee” As youngsters he allready won 3 prizes 1:100 with a.o.: 6th Pont St Max 12752 bs.
Our 2nd bird was our 2nd nominated pigeons 15-452  and she won this year 11 prizes on 11 races with a.o.:
8th 1178 bs., 23th 2747 bs., 62th 2469 bs., 64th 1764 bs., 68th 2845 bs. and 73th 1962 bs.

From Argenton we get our 2 1st pigeons also from the north but they made as team a very good result with 24 prizes and Provincial NPO 32,34,54,55,57 en 69 agians 5538 bs.

Our 1st one is a yearling hen 16-677 who was 2 weeks back our 1st pigeons. She is a crossing from “Alberto”(very good racer) paired to a 100% G&S Verkerk pigeon fro Chiel de Wit.
2nd was TOPHEN “Het Groot 34” and she won her 54 prize with many good results on NPO races. She is a crossing from our own line from fatherside and the mother is from our nabours Paenen de Beer.

Another good weekend for us!!!!!

Below the results::
Argenton 606 km:
Club 311 bs.: 5,7,9,10,11,12,16,20,21,33,34,36,37,38,40
Section 1287 bs: 12,14,18,19,21,24,43,62,64,93,95
Provincial Brabant 2000 NPO 5538 bs.: 32,34,54,55,57,69,172,237

Sens 390 km:
Club 675 bs.: 4,8,24,28,30,39,42,47,50
Combine HVB 1178 bs.: 4,8,28,34,36,50,54,64,69,81,107
Section Rayon 4 2525 bs.: 11,22,62,77,79,102,110,132,139,159

argenton 10-6 16-3630677 163630638 153531452 133334834