Saturday we had our 1st middle distance race from Melun 366 km.
We send 122 only the ones who came late last week we keep home.

The libaration was at 07:30 and a SE-wind what is a veryu bad wind in our east location.
We expected them around 11:45 and at 11:43 we get our 1st nominated bird.
Than they came not very well, a bigger group we get between 12:00 and 12:10 and they all came from the NW-directio what is not good for our area.
We won 58 prizes with 58 prizes with 8,14,40,42,60 agains 2457 bs., what is not a bad results but we hope on better results the coming weeks.

Our 1st one was 1st Nominated “Super 301” who raced superb in 2017. This year she started slow but wins now 5 prizes in a row so she is now in good shape. She is a daughter top topbreeders “Henk” and Gertje”.

The results from today:
HVB 2457 bs.: 8,14,40,42,60,98,107,175,178,185,194,197,201,209,225 and 58 prizes.

Last week we trainen 2 lofts with youngsters at 6 and 10 km and they came home fast.
Saturday we vaccinate them all agains pox.
Tomorrow we will train them again.