Yesterday we had only a middle distance race because they cancelled the YB-race. For Melun 360 km we send 46 birds.
On Wednesday night, a squad of 12 hens flew into the Night after she was startled and did not dare to fall. At 2:03 one came inside and the others around 05:30. So we were not sure for a good result.
The libarate Melun at 07:00 and we expected them around 12:15 for a speed 70 km/h.
We get our 1st bird at 12:24 quichk followed by another 3. Only our good ones won a prize and the others missed them.
Finally we won in Combine Samenspel Hart van Brabant approx 959 bs.: 10,22,24,25,37,60,62,70,112,128,134,151,153,176,210,227 which are 16 prizes.
1st bird 17-820 is a topper as yearling with 10 prizes with a.o.: 1/1063 bs., 2/1798 bs., 10/959 bs., 13/6373 bs., 15/2713 bs., 43/2405 bs., 78/4765 bs. He is bred from topbreeder “Yellow Eye” paired to a daughter from base-couple “Goede 83 x Esmee”
2nd bird 15-301 was out 1st nominated and she won hetr 12th prize from the seasonwith a.o.: 3/1037 bs., 13/5316 bs., 22/959 bs. After she won in 2017 21 prizes with many In the front. He is bred from topbreeder “Henk” and mother is base-hen “Gertje”.
The YB_race was cancelled by the temperature and East wind. It likes they every week cancel races or chance the program, what is not good!! In the winter they make a program and they must not chance in during the season. The fanciers themselves have to assess whether their pigeons are capable of giving.
Today we trained the YB om 45 km with a strong East wind and they where home when I arrived at home so they are good on the moment I think.