Yesterday we had out 5th YB-race from Peronne 232 km, because they high temparature the race was delayed from Saturday till Sunday.
We send 129 which where liberated at 07:30 am. We expected them around 09:50 but we get the 1st
one at 10:04 direct from West and the others came all from the north.
Because the ZZE wind they went to much to the west.
Finally we won 57 prizes with in Combine Hart van Brabant approx 1578 bs.: 8,18,26,34,38,40,52,83,84,85,86,87,94,103,105,109,110,112,121,125 etc.
It makes a nice prize percentage from 44%!!!

1st bird 18-359 won his 3rd prize from the season. Last week he won the 2nd Quievrain 3111 bs. and now a nice 8th place. The father is a brother to “Romy” and he won a 1st Orleans, the mother is a daughter to our base-hen “Esmee” paired to topbreeder “Super Ace 10.

2nd bird 18-243 won her 3th prize from the seasopn with earlier a 1st Quievrain 2129 bs.
Father is “Chateauroux 99” with 18th National Chateauroux 37794 bs. and mother is a daughter to 1st National Ace “Romy”.

3rd bird 18-348 won 2x prize. Father is a brother to base-hen “Esmee” who starts to become a topbreeder and mother is top racing hen “Topperke 166”

4th bird 18-347 won fort he 3x prize with earlier a 18th Asse-Zellik 1772 bs. Father is a son to base-hen “Esmee” paired to topbreeder “Super Ace 10”. Mother is a 100% vd Wouwer from Bart Verbeek Poppel

On the overnightrace from Bergerac 816 km we send 2 and our 13-936 won 144th NPO 1596 bs.
She won her 59 prize from her carrier and is a daughetr from topbreedinghen “Esmee 212”

Peronne 29-718-518135918-5181243 18-5181348 18-5181347 13-3334936